==Welcome to the Wiki== Hello, this Wiki is all about Andrew Joughin; artist, creator, and a genuine all-around type of guy. This is a tale of him and his best friend Donald Lawrence, an awesome, handsome dude, and thier perelous journey to mount doom to destroy the ring of power. Learn about thier struggle to end this horrible war and how thier incredible friendship and will do what needs to be done in order for peace.You too can be apart of this experience if you choose to help expand using your knowledge of Joughin so feel free to add whatever but keep in mind that any false information will be changed.

One last thing... he is... a BEAST and the badassiest purple ranger cowboy sheriff xD

Ive heard that andy j makes the ladies say heyy!==

when he's not out fighting crime as his alternate persona "Andrew McLawdawg" and who could forget Andrews famous phrases: "HOLY BAWLZ!!" and "BROOKLYN RAGE!!!!!" and who could forget the classic "WHY ARE YOU NAKED!!!???"

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